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About Ballo

In a special place, fully in harmony with the island of Paros and the Cycladic architecture, we created with passion the most favorite hangout in Paroikia, our Ballo. 

Here at our luxurious venue, overlooking the magnificent blue of the Aegean Sea and the stunning sunsets of Parikia, we try constantly to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to every visitor. 

Our impressive sushi menu, created with talent and imagination by the Chef of Ballo, excites everyone who tastes anything from it. Combined with our fantastic drinks and cocktails, great music and excellent service in the most hospitable environment, Ballo creates the "magic" recipe for an  unforgettable experience.

We start early in the morning with coffee and breakfast and we go on until… (almost) the next morning for an unforgettable experience.

Join us and discover the famous Greek hospitality, join us and live the amazing Ballo experience!

Enjoy an unforgettable sushi experience at Ballo!

Discover the amazing sushi inspirations of the Ballo chef in our Ballo Sushi Menu. Choose one of our delicious starters and one of our special salads to start your evening. Continue with Nigiri, Tataki and/or Sashimi depending on your mood and appetite or (if you are looking for something really special) choose the special dish of the day.

Everything in our catalog is made with the finest ingredients, in order to satisfy even the most demanding clientele. Get ready  to enjoy unique flavors in a wonderful setting with a magnificent view.

Our Ballo

Relax and enjoy your drink and/or your sushi in a wonderful setting with a stunning view.

Ballo was created with highly aesthetic standards in order to become a comfortable and friendly environment. We have designed and decorated our space in such a way that you feel comfortable and relaxed from the first moment you enter Ballo.Enjoy our large-sized tables, ideal for big parties. Choose one of the smallest and most romantic ... to enjoy the gorgeous sunset or the magical moon. Join us at the bar, so we can become a big and happy group together and we will all have fun until... the next morning. 

Whatever you choose, your experience at Ballo will be unforgettable.

- Our Parikia -

Parikia, the first beautiful picture that every visitor faces when arriving at the port of Paros.
The impressive Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the picturesque alleys, the wonderful Cycladic white combined with the fantastic Aegean blue create a unique setting. It looks like a painting created by the most talented painter on earth. Discover the hidden beauties of Parikia, wander through its picturesque alleys and then visit the perfect place to end the day in the most wonderful way, here at Ballo.

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